Trusted, Caring, Family-Run Goldendoodle Breeders in Jacksonville, FL

We are a small family run goldendoodle breeder. We focus on breeding healthy Golden Doodle puppies with amazing temperaments that will fulfill your lives as much as ours! The colors we do are reds, red and whites, merles, parti, chocolate, and phantom.

We are based out of Bryceville, Florida, right outside of Jacksonville. All of our dogs are family pets and live in our home or have families of their own. They get on our couches, sleep in our beds, travel with us, etc… They are not breeders they are family! 

In order to ensure every dog that ever enters our breeding program and family has the same life we place some dogs in guardian homes. Guardian homes are not only a blessing to us but to the guardian family and our dogs as well! After their allotted breeding time is up we spay and neuter them and they stay right there with their family for the rest of their lives! There is never “retire and rehome” here. All of our dogs are tested genetically for diseases, color, and coat type

“Never had a doodle before and decided to take a chance. These golden doodles are the best! So unbelievably kind and loving. Amie breeds the best dogs with the sweetest dispositions. Highly recommend!”

“Amie breeds the best doodles. They are loved and cared. Amie makes sure all are healthy and starts some training before we take them to their forever home. Mine fills our home with much love and joy.”

“Love love love my dog from Clovies Creation!!! Amie is an amazing, caring breeder who has years of experience breeding dooddle and does genetic testing on all of her dogs. We have 3 of her babies.”

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